BENTBRASS is a golf apparel and accessories brand, well established in both professional and amateur golfing landscape of the country. The brand has been integral to Indian Golf from the time of its inception, having partnered with major professional golfing tours, golfing bodies, corporates and academies within the country as well as overseas. The brand’s ethos is fueled by the passion for the wonderful game of golf and multi-functional golfing apparel. Some of the top professional golfers of the world have worn our apparel and some even refer to BentbrassGolf as their “Lucky Charm”.

The word Bentbrass has been inspired by the word “Bent Brassie”. This is the historical name for the club that was the closest equivalent to the modern 2-wood. In the mid 19th century, the bottom of the wooden fairway clubs, suited to playing from fine grassedcoastal turf, began to suffer from premature wear and tear on the harsher inland soils. To combat this, the clever inventive club makers fitted brassplates to the soles of clubs and thus the term “ Brassie” was born. So while the old golfer went through his rounds (along with a few swigs), he caused a few Bents to his Brassie. With BENTBRASS Golf…..the old legend lives on.


“The man who has never stood upon the tee with a sturdy rival near him and driven a perfect ball, the hands having followed well through finished nicely up against the head, while thelittle white spec in the distance, after skimming the earth for a time, nowrises and soars upwards towards the sky, clearing all obstacles, and seeming to revel in its freedom and speed, until at last it dips gracefully back to earth again. I say that, this is the true joys of life. I have heard the completest sportsman say that there are a few things in the entire world of sports that can be compared with it, and none that is more superior”.

Harry Vardon
Open Champion, 1896, 1898, 1899, 1903
American Champion 1900